Season 1 Trailer

Transcribed Notes

Hello, hello, my name is Alisia Young and I’m so excited to tell you about the Teach me freedom podcast.

So this podcast is about attaining freedom and looking at what freedom means. And the different elements of freedom include time, freedom, financial freedom, emotional freedom, nurturing creativity, and just what does freedom even mean?

This is specially for those of us who are millennials and have taken the pathway in life, of going to school pursuing higher education and on the other side in the real world are realizing that maybe it didn’t pan out as we had expected. And we’re now kind of re navigating to, to really identify what freedom and happiness and a full life looks like for us and what steps that will take to achieve that.

So what you can expect in the show is that it will be a combination of solo episodes with me, your host Alisia Young, and I also aim to interview other experts, authors and entrepreneurs who talk about these different topics. I’m aiming to release an episode once every two to three weeks and then in the future seasons aiming for once per week.

You can also look forward to potential bonus podcasts with other content that may not be the same as what’s just previously been mentioned. In terms of where you can listen to the podcast.

You can find it on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, or your other preferred podcasting apps. And I invite you to subscribe so you can be notified of when new episodes are posted. I’m looking forward to connecting with you then.