Congrats Superwoman

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Sometimes, those who seemed to have made it to the top are actually just starting to figure things out.

Have you been striving for perfection while juggling roles galore?

Are you naturally ambitious, constantly seeking to develop and improve yourself so you are always valued and sought out?

Did you eventually achieve success according to society’s standards, obtaining accolades of degrees, high-status titles, externally perfect relationships, and other outer reflections of success?

Meanwhile, do you hide and feel ashamed about the stress, moodiness, and glaringly large void of low self-worth which lurks beneath the surface?

With anecdotes and reflections of how superwoman syndrome influenced her life decisions while chasing academic, social, and financial success, Alisia shares a detailed account of her awareness-to-healing process, and aims to hold a mirror to readers vicariously acknowledging the stress they may be feeling through related experiences.

Congrats Superwoman encourages readers to understand and recognize that they are enough, and to identify the sources which invalidate this, so they can recognize its impact, and evaluate how they intend to move forward.

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