Teach Me Freedom

Teach Me Freedom is a podcast that was created to inspire millennials and young adults to apply what’s been shared by authors and experts to transition from confused and insecure, to masters of adulting.

The podcast has a series of guest interviews, solo episodes, and book reviews. Episodes are released once every 2-3 weeks, with the goal of being released on a weekly basis in the future.

Check out the trailer & season 1 intro below:

Season 1 – Trailer
Season 1 – Introduction

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Alisia Young

Alisia empowers overachievers to recognize the connection between identity, success, and one’s health as a Certified Life and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach.

She obtained her Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and her Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and Psychology from the University of Toronto. She also holds certifications as an Effic-certified Performance & Productivity Expert, and canfitpro certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach, Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer.

As creator of the Teach Me Freedom podcast, Eat ‘N’ Live Free coaching, author of “Congrats Superwoman: When You’ve Climbed the Mountain and Still Don’t Feel Good Enough,” and creator of the forthcoming podcast Stop Feeling Like Crap, Alisia supports her clients in overcoming disordered eating, while managing the stresses encountered throughout life.

Alisia looks forward to completing her meditation and yoga training, and to improve her skills in plant-based cooking.

Contact Alisia below or at hello@teachmefreedom.ca: